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As with transactions on any eCommerce websites, there will always be a small element of risk. In order to minimize that, every item that arrives the China logistics will be inspected**, and it is estimated that around 90% of all visibly defective items can discover during inspection.

Inspection list


Quantity of items will be checked to see if they match the quantity ordered.

(E.g. If you ordered 10 packs of hairpins with 100 pieces in each pack. We will only check and ensure that 10 packages are received and delivered.)


Items will be compared with the photograph of the item on the third party seller’s website. Do note that we might not be able to discover or non-apparent defects.


General colour of the product will be checked.

(Any small portion of color or design differences is not included in our check. Hot pink and Rose pink are all consider as pink. The colour of a product may vary from the colour as seen on your screen as colours represented on each screen may also vary depending on setting.)




Size will be checked according to the label on the item. We cannot be held responsible if the seller tag the wrong size to the item.


Obvious defects

Obvious defects which can be detected visually such as tears, holes, scratches, stains, dents etc will be checked for.


* For purchases unit price below RM50.00, only quantity will be checked.

* For bulk purchases, random spot checks will be conducted.


(Eg. A single order with quantity above 100 pieces; check will be conducted randomly on the color, design & etc. instead of piece by piece,and we can only ensure about 95% accuracy in quantity.)

* For items that come in wooden crates or original packaging, checks will not be conducted.

* Authenticity of product cannot be verified, please see note ** below.


Quality issue

Quality/functionality tests will not be conducted during the inspection. Tagowa will not be held responsible for any quality or functionality related issues.

Upon receiving of item, if quality/functionality issue is discovered, you can report to us, and we will try to assist by contacting the seller for repair/exchange,but shipping cost will be borne by you.

If item has already been used, and quality/functionality issue is discovered, you can still report to Tagowa as long as item is still within warranty period, and original purchase receipts and quality assurance cards are still present.

Tagowa cannot promise that the sellers will fully satisfy your requirements; however, we will try our best to help you contact with the sellers.


Please take note, merchants may reject replacing goods that are:

a) Modified;

b) Items that are no longer valuable once opened i.e. software packages;

c) Items with absent original purchasing proof; and/or

d) Items that show wear and tear from use.


If good received are damaged, or goods deviate from your order (except in relation to goods that you feel are counterfeit - please see note ** below), please take a photograph of the item and packaging (including barcode), and submit it to ‘Submit a Ticket’ on our website, complete with information such as parcel number, ID, and description, within three (3) working days. Tagowa will investigate before getting back to you.

* Customers who confirm that they have received their goods are confirming that their goods arrived in good condition.

Disputes will not be entertained after confirmation of order.


Please note that our inspection services does not include verifying the authenticity of a product. Accordingly, neither the logistics centre in China nor we at the Tagowa are able to check on or verify the authenticity of any products that you order. You agree to fully check all information and photographs made available by the seller that you have selected, and to communicate with such seller for additional information as you may require in order to satisfy yourself on the authenticity of the products that you with the price of similar products sold in retail shop in Malaysia, and if the prices of the online seller are very much lower than the retail shops in Malaysia, the products may not be authentic. Do not buy if you have any doubts on the authenticity of any products from any online seller. We will not be responsible for any counterfeit products, and you agree that you will bear full liability as the principal of the indemnified parties, fully defend, hold harmless and indemnify Tagowa, the logistics centre in China, all directors, shareholders, employees, officers and agents of Tagowa ("indemnified parties") in the event that any of the indemnified parties face a third party claim or suffer damages or incur expenses as a result of the counterfeit products ordered by you and brought into Malaysia on your behalf by Tagowa as your agent acting on your instructions, including but not limited to settlement fees, court action fees, statutory penalties, and legal fees on a solicitor-client basis.














(任何颜色的变异或者色差并不在我们的检查范围,如 深粉色和玫瑰粉会以同一颜色进行检查。)









* 对于商品单价低于50马币,只检查商品数量。

* 对于大批量的或者散装货物,只进行抽样检查。



* 对于木架包装或者密封的原始独立包装的商品,以上检查均不包括在内。

* 关于商品的真假,在购买前后,我们均不进行检查鉴别。










a) 换过的货,或者配件丢失

b) 开过的虚拟商品,如软件包等

c) 没有或缺少购买时原始单据


如您收到的商品损坏,商品不一致,配件丢失,请您提供收到的商品的照片(包括商品编码)写明详细情况(如包裹号,订单ID,描述等),在Tagowa网站的“Submit a Ticket”三天之内将问题反馈给我们,我们会调查并答复您。

* 如果您确认收到包裹,将默认表示您收到的包裹是完好无损。 确认收货之后,Tagowa不再接受您提出关于此包裹订单的申诉。 


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