Retention Period / 仓储期

Storage fee applies for storing your purchase of your selected third party sellers at China logistics centre.

Retention period will start upon the status update on the ID as arrived at the China logistics centre. IDs can be kept in the China logistics centre for up to 30 days.

Charges apply for the subsequent days.


0 – 10 KG

10 – 30 KG

30 – 50 KG

50 – 100 KG

100KG above

Daily Charges

RM 1

RM 2

RM 3

RM 4

RM 5



Tagowa reserves the right to dispose in its sole discretion of your purchase without any advance notice to you if your purchases remain in our China logistics centre for more than 3 months despite Tagowa has updated and indicated to you your purchase have arrived in our China logistic centre, regardless of the reason, and whether or not you have taken steps yet fail to arrange for shipment of your purchases.






0 10 KG

10 30 KG

30 50 KG

50 100 KG

100 KG 以上


RM 1

RM 2

RM 3

RM 4

RM 5






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