Order Procedure / 购物流程

1. Register and log in to your account. 

2. Search for your products on Tagowa.com which is a mirror site of Taobao. Searches can also be done on the external Chinese e-shopping sites. For the avoidance of doubt, Tagowa does not offer by itself any products for sale, all products are offered for sale by third party sellers with no association of any kind to Tagowa, Tagowa merely provides a platform to assist you in purchasing from seller based in China. The details (including identity) of third party sellers as made available by Taobao or other external China e-shopping sites are displayed for your review prior to and during your placing of an order.

3. Type in the key words for you desired products, or paste the URL of your chosen products from your selected third party sellers into Tagowa's search column.

4. Select the desired design, quantity, and shipping method. Feel free to indicate any remarks. All your selections and remarks are sent to the third party seller that you have chosen to purchase from.

5. Once you are ready to place your order with the third party seller, confirm the selected the item and click SUBMIT.

6. 1st payment (Product Price + China Domestic Shipping) to be made to the third party seller that you selected will be required immediately, can be made via your Tagowa account balance credit.

7. Balance credits can be topped up via I-Banking/ATM transfer or Paypal, and will be confirmed within 24 hours.

8. Once payment has been confirmed, processing of your order will commence. Order status will be updated accordingly (which will also be dependent on the third party seller that you selected to purchase from). Please be noted that the delivery speed of China Express (domestic shipping) is dependent on your selected third party seller’s location and courier service (1 - 5 days).

9. Once your purchase has arrived at the logistics centre in China, inspection for the correct quantity, size, colour and design as well as any obvious defect will be done before it ready for your submission for your international shipment. 

10. After you have submitted for your international shipment. You will be required to make the 2nd Payment (International Shipping Fee + Service Charge + Clearance Fee) online, such payment to be made to Tagowa. Once payment is done, the product will then be shipped to your door step.

11. Once your purchased product reaches you, proceed to “My Parcels” to confirm it. You will then receive your membership points. We would also appreciate it if you were to leave a feedback on the third party seller's product and our Tagowa's logistical and agency services, in order for us to continue improving on our services.


Please note that neither the logistics centre in China nor we at Tagowa are able to check on or verify the authenticity of any products that you order. You agree to fully check all informational and photographs made available by the seller that you have selected, and to communicate with such seller for additional information as you may require in order to satisfy yourself on the authenticity of the products that you wish to purchase. You should also compare the prices of what is sold online with the prices of similar products sold in retails shop in Malaysia, and if the prices of the online seller are very much lower than the retails shops in Malaysia, the product may not be authentic. Do not buy if you have any doubts on the authenticity of any products from any online seller. We will not be responsible for any counterfeit products, and you agree that you will bear full liability as the principal of the indemnified parties, fully defend, hold harmless and indemnify Tagowa, the logistics centre in China, all directors, shareholders, employees, officers and agents of Tagowa ("indemnified parties") in the event that any of the indemnified parties face a third party claim or suffer damages or incur expenses as a result of the counterfeit products ordered by you and brought into Malaysia on your behalf by Tagowa as your agent acting on your instructions, including but not limited to settlement fees, court action fees, statutory penalties, and legal fees on a solicitor-client basis.


1. 成功注册后既可登陆您的Tagowa账户。

2. Tagowa或其他的中国网上商店搜索您需要购买的商品。

3. 将商品的链接复制并粘贴到Tagowa网站的搜索栏。

4. 选择所需的款式,数量,如有其他要求可在备注栏说明,选择需要订购的商品点击提交,确认下单。

5. 第一次付款(商品价格+中国国内运输费用)提交后需要立即支付,可通过使用您在Tagowa账户的余额直接支付。

6. 可通过 iBanking/ATM的转账方式或Paypal把款项充值到您的Tagowa账户,我们会在24小时之内为您确认。

7. 付款一旦确认,我们的采购团队将开始对订单进行处理并相应的更新状态。请注意,商品由商家发货之后, 国内运输的到达中国仓库的时间会因商家所在的位置和快递公司服务的质量而有所差异,通常是需要1-5天的时间到达。

8. 商品到达中国仓库后,我们会根据检查标准对商品进行检查,并更新重量。

9. 选择国际运输方式提交后, 您需要支付第二次费用(国际运输费+服务费+ 清关费)。我们会根据您选择的运输方式安排商品发往您的地址。

10. 收到商品后,请前往 “我的包裹”进行确认收货,会员积分将返至您的账户。同时您可以对我们的服务留下您宝贵的建议。  

请浏览或下载以下用户操作手册(You may browse or download User Operational Manual below):

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