Point System / 积分系统

How to earn points?

1.      1.      When you register new Tagowa.com account, after you activate your email you will be awarded with 500 points.

2.      2.      When you share the products that you purchased to facebook you will be awarded with 20 points.

2.      3.      When you confirm the receipt of the products that you purchased point(s) will be accumulated i.e RM1=1 point. Points earned are non-transferable.


Usage of points:

1.    1.        You can redeem coupons by using your points. The coupons can be used to offset international shipping and service charge applicable to your purchase.

2.    2.        You may use the points earned for membership upgrade so that you can enjoy discounted service charges and to get higher return on second income commission scheme.


How to use coupon?

Coupon can be used to offset the international shipping and service charge applicable to your purchase but not on the product price or China express charges (i.e. domestic shipping charges within China from the seller to the logistics center in Guangzhou). To further clarify, we are not able to allow for offsetting of product price or domestic China freighting costs using our coupons as these are fees paid to the seller in China and not to Tagowa, whereas the coupons are issued by Tagowa as part of our membership and loyalty programme. 

Only 1 coupon can be used for each payment.

If you redeem a coupon with a greater value than your actual payment amount, the amount payable will be 0, and there shall be no coupon balance returned to you as credit or another coupon.

Once coupon is redeemed only valid for 30 days.


1.      当您注册成为会员,並激活您的电邮将获得500积分。

2.      当您在社交媒体facebook分享您已购买的货品将获得20积分。

3.      当您确认收到包裹时系统将会自动给予积分。每 RM 1将获得1积分。积分不可转让和兑换现金。



1.      您可以使用您的积分兑换优惠券。优惠券可以在二次付款时用于抵消国际运费和服务费。

2.      您可用您的积分来晋升为VIP会员以享有服务费折扣或获取更高的第二收入佣金比率。



1.      优惠券可用来抵消第二次付款的费用。 

2.      每个付款只能使用1张优惠券。

3.      如果兑换的优惠券面值比您的二次付款高,所要求支付的金额将为0,多余的金额作废。



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