Tagowa Service / 淘购网服务

Our service literally means "shop on your behalf", which simply refers to purchasing product for you based on your instructions! As your authorized purchasing agents, we assist you, our principal, to place orders for the goods that you have instructed us to purchase with the China sellers that you have selected on your behalf through a modern information platform and perfected logistics system, hence lessening and eliminating the hassle in both transportation and customs for you. Tagowa online couldn't be any easier!


With www.tagowa.com, you can have access to goods in any Chinese e-shopping sites, and purchase with Malaysia Ringgit instead of Renminbi (RMB). Goods sold online in China will all be within your reach with unlimited choices for your selection in your sole discretion if you use our highly efficient and convenient logistics service. 

Why Tagowa

· Unlimited online purchase with no time restriction.

· Payments in Malaysia Ringgit are accepted through PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, ATM transfer and I-banking.

· In the event that the goods you ordered are found to be problematic, as your authorized agent, we will on your behalf seek a free exchange or full refund from the sellers.

· For consolidation of goods that you purchased from multiple sellers, the logistics centre in China may repack your purchases on your behalf in order to save on shipping costs for you.

· Cheapest international shipping fees as compared to all other international logistic companies.

· Guaranteed compensation for your purchases that may be lost or damaged during our shipping service.

· Professional customer service team to handle your inquiries and solve your problems, including managing your queries on your shipment, liaising with seller on your behalf as your agent, or following up on your direct communications with seller upon your instructions.

· Free inspection (for colour, design, obvious visual defects and quantity in compliance with your purchase instructions) will be conducted by the logistics centre in Guangzhou, China. However please note that neither the logistics centre in China nor we at the Tagowa are able to check on or verify the authenticity of any products that you order. You agree to fully check all information and photographs made available by the seller that you have selected, and to communicate with such seller for additional information as you may require in order to satisfy yourself on the authenticity of the products that you wish to purchase. You should also compare the prices of what is sold online with the prices of similar products sold in retail shops in Malaysia, and if the prices of the online seller are very much lower than the retail shops in Malaysia, the products may not be authentic. Do not buy if you have any doubts on the authenticity of any products from any online seller. We will not be responsible for any counterfeit products, and you agree that you will bear full liability as the principal of the indemnified parties, fully defend, hold harmless and indemnify Tagowa, the logistics centre in China, all directors, shareholders, employees, officers and agents of Tagowa ("indemnified parties") in the event that any of the indemnified parties face a third party claim or suffer damages or incur expenses as a result of the counterfeit product ordered by you and brought into Malaysia on your behalf by Tagowa as your agent acting on your instructions, including but not limited to settlement fees, court action fees, statutory penalties, and legal fees on a solicitor-client basis.


通过www.tagowa.com 网站,您可以进入中国任意一个电子购物平台购买商品,并使用马币作为支付货币。通过Tagowa 高效便捷的服务,中国商品让您触手可及。


· 无时间限制您想买多少就买多少。

· 使用马币付款,支持PaypalVisa Mastercard ATM 转账和网上银行的付款方式。

· 对商品的颜色、款式、明显的瑕疵和数量等提供免费检查,让您放心购物。

· 如果到达中国仓库的货物检查中发现问题,会为您联系卖家进行免费退换货。

· 订单将会根据您提交的运输方式进行整合包装。

· 更优惠的国际运输费用。

· 如运输过程中物品丢失或损坏,将提供完善的赔偿方案。

· 专业的客户服务,及时有效的帮助您解决购物时遇到的一切问题。


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